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Tata Asset Management Limited

About Tata Mutual Fund

Tata Mutual Fund is managed by the Tata Asset Management Company (TAM), a sector of the globally renowned Tata Group. Established back in the year of 1994, TAM is one of the earliest asset management corporations in all of India, with a significant management experience of 26 years now. Tata Mutual Fund is registered with the SEBI (The Securities and Exchange Board of India).

TAM’s objective is to combine the three most important business principles- performance, service and trust- and to provide a secure investment option for investors from all backgrounds. As of the reports from March 31, 2019, TAM had an AuM (Assets under management) of INR 54,193 crore.

The various mutual fund schemes Tata Mutual Fund offers have received multiple awards, including:

  • Tata Balanced Fund was named the Best Long-Term Balanced Fund at the Business Today-Money Today Financial Awards
  • CNBC TV 18 Mutual Fund Awards recognized the Tata Equity PE Fund as the Best Value/Contra Fund
  • CNBC TV 18 Mutual Fund Awards also presented the Tata Treasury Advantage Fund with the Best Low Duration Debt Fund award
  • Tata Retirement Savings- Moderate (3 and 5 years) was awarded in the Mixed Asset INR Aggressive category at the Thomas Reuters Lipper India 2018 Fund Awards.

How to Invest in the Tata Mutual Funds Online?

To invest in a Tata Mutual Fund from the comfort of your home, just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Mobikwik account. Sign up right now if you don’t have an account.
  2. Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process.
  3. Upload valid documentation and identity proofs as per requirements.
  4. Select the best Tata mutual fund scheme as per your investment horizon and risk appetite.
  5. If you’re making a lump sum investment, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option.
  6. In case you’re starting a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), select ‘Start SIP’.

You are all set! Now only wait for your Tata Mutual Fund investment to show up on the MF dashboard of your Mobikwik account, which it should do within 4 working days tops.

Types of Tata Mutual Funds:

Based on the investors’ investment goals, income and risk-absorbing capacity, Tata Mutual Fund has a range of long-term mutual fund options on offer, including equity funds, hybrid funds and fixed income funds. While you’ll have to be the one to decide which mutual fund suits you best, here we have rounded up a list of 10 of Tata’s topmost mutual funds that will hopefully make your job easier! (All numbers as of FY 2019 closing)

Top 10 Tata Mutual Funds:

Tata Multicap Fund:

Tata Multicap Fund is an equity fund where the management team invests your funds in an assortment of companies that are anticipated to give maximum gains. The investment period for Tata Multicap Fund is 5 years and longer, so make sure you are ready to wait that long for returns before investing. Since its launch in 2018, Tata Multicap Fund has shown returns of 4.24%.

Tata Equity PE Fund:

With Tata Equity PE Fund, your money would be backing stocks that are priced quite lower than what the fund management team expects their value should be. This is also another long-term investment scheme that runs for 5 years or more. Since inception in 2004, the returns for Tata Equity PE Fund have remained 17.13%.

Tata Digital India Fund:

Tata Digital India Fund invests in shares of companies functioning in the IT (Information Technology) industry. The fund should run for seven years or more, so prepare accordingly. Tata Digital India Fund has given returns of 12.40% since it set sail in 2015.

Tata India Tax Savings Fund:

Tata India Tax Savings Fund is an open-ended ELSS or equity linked tax saving scheme running for at least three years beginning on the date of investment. Tata India Tax Savings Fund enjoys tax benefits under the Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act, plus the gains beat the inflation rate as well as returns from fixed income options by a considerable margin. As for the returns, they have been 17.82% since Tata India Tax Savings Fund’s launch in 1996.

Tata Small Cap Fund:

Tata Small Cap Fund invests in smaller companies. Since the usual duration of the fund is seven years or longer, you can expect good returns, however, keep in mind you’ll also be taking a fairly high risk. Tata Small Cap Fund began its journey in 2018, and has yielded returns of 4.41% since.

Tata Consumer Fund:

Tata Consumer Fund primarily invests in the shares of customer-centric organizations. Categorized as a high-risk mutual fund, the ideal run time for Tata Consumer Fund is 5 years and counting. Tata Consumer Fund has seen returns of 13.20% since it began its journey in 2015.

Tata Balanced Advantage Fund:

With Tata Balanced Advantage Fund, the management team invests your money in multiple equity shares and bonds as they see fit. Rated a moderately high mutual fund with a run time of five years and above, the returns for Tata Balanced Advantage Fund have remained 7.38% since inception in 2019.

Tata Banking And Financial Services Fund:

As the name suggests, Tata Banking and Financial Services invests in shares of banks and financial services companies. Yet another high-risk mutual fund, the investment period for this one is seven years or more. Returns since launch in 2015 have remained 12.00%

Tata Arbitrage Fund - Direct Plan:

Tata Arbitrage Fund invests your money in equity shares and derivatives, the returns come from the price distinction between a stock and its futures. A fairly low-risk fund, the returns have remained at 6.71% since its launch in 2018.

Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund:

Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund invests your money in a combination of commodities (like gold), equity shares and bonds in a way that each one has at least 10% of the funds backing it up at all times. Launched very recently in 2020, the returns have been 8.47% so far.

Documents Required to Invest in ABSL Mutual Fund:

To begin your Tata mutual fund investment, you may need to submit/upload the following documents along with your KYC:

  1. Identity proof - A scanned copy of your photo PAN card is enough, but if you have a non photo pan card , submit a copy of that with a copy of your driver’s license/ passport/voter ID/bank photo passbook.
  2. Proof of address (any one of the following) -
    • Aadhaar card
    • Passport copy
    • Voter ID
    • Driving License
  3. Photograph (passport sized).

  • incorporated
  • CEO / MD
  • Address
    1903, B-Wing, Parinee Crescenzo, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East Mumbai 400051
    Mumbai - 400051
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Registrar & Transfer Agent
    Computer Age Management Svcs
    New No.10, Old No.178, Kodambakkam High Road, Opp. Hotel Palmgrove, Nungambakkam
    Chennai - 600 034
    Tamil Nadu
  • Auditors
    Deloitte Haskins & Sells 12, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Opp. Shiv Sagar Estate, Worli
    Mumbai - 400 018

Total Net Assets of Tata Mutual Fund as of March 2018 - 46,507cr

Tata Mutual Fund - Estimated fund Flows for March 2018

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Mutual Fund

Which is the best Tata Mutual Fund?

Before picking the best Tata mutual fund for yourself, it’s important to consider some primary questions:

  1. What is your investment goal?
  2. Are you comfortable with taking risks? Do you want to invest in a high risk MF, or try a medium or low risk one?
  3. How long are you willing to wait for returns?

Once you have clarity on these questions, you should find it easy to pick the best Tata mutual fund for yourself. For example, if you’re choosing to go long-term, Tata Equity PE fund and Tata Digital India Fund are both good options!

How can I check my Tata Mutual Fund status?

You can check your Tata mutual Fund status through the Mobikwik website or app. Just log in to your 飞鱼电竞数据v10.3 安卓版 account, and your Mobikwik Mutual Fund dashboard allows you to check and track your Tata mutual fund status with ease.

How can I redeem my Tata Mutual Fund?

If the terms and conditions allow you to do so, redeeming your Tata mutual fund is fairly easy with Mobikwik. Simply log into your Mobikwik account, visit your MF dashboard, select the Tata mutual fund you’re seeking, and click on the ‘Redeem’ option. Then enter the number of units you wish to redeem and that gets credited to your registered bank account!

How can I close my Tata Mutual Fund Online?

If the terms and conditions allow it, you can cancel your Tata Mutual Fund online through your Mobikwik account. Simply log into your Mobikwik account, visit your Mutual Fund dashboard, select the Tata Mutual Fund you want to cancel, then click on the cancel option. You should have your funds back in 30 working days.

What is the Tata Multicap Fund expense ratio?

As of July 2020, the expense ratio for Tata Multicap Fund is 2.19%.

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Tata Mutual Fund Schemes

NAME RATING Category Nav EXP Ratio Assets 1y 3y 5y
Tata Arbitrage Fund Direct Growth Others 12.2061 0.29% 7,385 cr 3.91% 5.03%
Tata Balanced Advantage Fund Direct Growth Balanced 16.1266 0.30% 5,712 cr 6.85% 15.70%
Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund Direct Growth Equity 29.8133 0.65% 1,109 cr 2.68% 14.84% 10.47%
Tata Banking & PSU Debt Fund Direct Growth Debt 11.9707 0.23% 309 cr 2.75%
Tata Business Cycle Fund Direct Growth Equity 11.523 0.54% 945 cr 12.02%
Tata Corporate Bond Fund Direct Growth Debt 10.155 0.28% 192 cr
Tata Digital India Fund Direct Growth Equity 35.6363 0.34% 5,981 cr -10.80% 29.48% 29.61%
Tata Dividend Yield Fund Direct Growth Equity 11.6612 0.72% 571 cr 4.36%
Tata Dynamic Bond Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 38.1714 0.27% 146 cr 5.66% 7.08% 6.58%
Tata Equity P/E Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 227.4136 0.91% 5,296 cr 8.48% 19.28% 10.62%
Tata Equity Savings Direct Plan Growth Balanced 46.395 0.12% 154 cr 4.12% 9.88% 7.58%
Tata Ethical Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 312.6788 0.97% 1,412 cr 2.71% 24.86% 15.09%
Tata Flexi Cap Fund Direct Growth Equity 17.2661 0.75% 2,260 cr 1.80% 18.98%
Tata Floating Rate Fund Direct Growth Debt 10.5185 0.30% 365 cr 4.34%
Tata Focused Equity Fund Direct Growth Equity 16.1491 0.57% 1,254 cr 3.79%
Tata Gilt Securities Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 69.6369 0.90% 245 cr 2.68% 5.05% 5.64%
Tata Hybrid Equity Fund Direct Plan Growth Balanced 348.4699 1.04% 3,299 cr 6.48% 16.92% 10.88%
Tata Income Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 73.006 1.14% 52 cr 2.23% 6.16% 6.05%
Tata India Consumer Fund Direct Growth Equity 31.1723 0.91% 1,461 cr 7.47% 21.91% 13.62%
Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund Direct Growth Equity 18.2883 0.99% 519 cr -7.84% 24.31% 17.21%
Tata India Tax Savings Fund Growth Direct Plan Equity 32.5771 0.76% 3,119 cr 8.62% 20.74% 13.10%
Tata Infrastructure Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 110.9256 1.45% 945 cr 21.73% 27.64% 14.41%
Tata Large Cap Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 376.2236 1.26% 1,329 cr 3.51% 17.95% 11.99%
Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 392.8745 0.92% 3,316 cr 9.13% 22.10% 14.70%
Tata Liquid Fund Direct Plan Growth Liquid 3428.4436 0.21% 14,144 cr 4.01% 4.14% 5.37%
Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 277.5962 1.00% 1,721 cr 6.39% 26.51% 14.58%
Tata Money Market Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 3898.5193 0.17% 8,310 cr 4.22% 5.24% 4.78%
Tata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund Direct Growth Balanced 16.7943 0.49% 1,459 cr 7.99%
Tata Nifty 50 Index Fund Direct Plan Equity 117.3673 0.16% 293 cr 3.90% 18.41% 13.45%
Tata Quant Fund Direct Growth Equity 11.2034 0.90% 44 cr 0.74%
Tata Resources & Energy Fund Direct Growth Equity 31.8561 0.91% 260 cr -0.11% 30.76% 15.52%
Tata Retirement Savings Conservative Fund Direct Plan Growth Balanced 28.4288 0.97% 185 cr 1.50% 9.14% 7.27%
Tata Retirement Savings Moderate Fund Direct Plan Growth Balanced 49.9477 0.68% 1,642 cr 1.56% 16.88% 10.43%
Tata Retirement Savings Progressive Fund Direct Plan Growth Balanced 50.3464 0.67% 1,293 cr -0.47% 17.60% 10.90%
Tata Short Term Bond Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 42.842 0.37% 2,406 cr 3.07% 6.25% 5.56%
Tata Small Cap Fund Direct Growth Equity 24.8064 0.45% 2,453 cr 14.48% 35.40%
Tata S&P BSE Sensex Index Fund Direct Plan Equity 154.9176 0.27% 152 cr 3.49% 17.89% 14.41%
Tata Treasury Advantage Fund Direct Plan Growth Debt 3303.3943 0.29% 2,440 cr 3.76% 5.47% 5.20%
Tata Ultra Short Term Fund Direct Growth Debt 12.1338 0.25% 1,357 cr 4.18% 4.88%