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Month At the beginning of the month Received during the month Resolved during the month Pending at the end of the month Reasons for pendency
Dec-2019 N.A.
Jan-2020 N.A.
Feb-2020 N.A.
March-2020 N.A.
April-2020 1 1 N.A.
May-2020 N.A.
June-2020 N.A.
July-2020 N.A.
August-2020 N.A.
September-2020 N.A.
October-2020 N.A.
November-2020 N.A.
December-2020 N.A.
January-2021 N.A.
February-2021 N.A.
March-2021 N.A.
April-2021 N.A.
May-2021 N.A.
June-2021 N.A.
July-2021 N.A.
August-2021 N.A.
September-2021 N.A.
October-2021 N.A.
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